About SenTec EIT

In July 2018 SenTec AG acquired and subsequently merged Swisstom AG into SenTec.

Swisstom was founded 2009 in Landquart, Switzerland. Swisstom has developed noninvasive, regional lung function monitoring devices based on Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT).

In order to keep the team of experienced EIT experts together SenTec decided to maintain its newly created “EIT Branch” in Landquart, Switzerland. In line with SenTec’s maxim to Advance Noninvasive Patient Monitoring the SenTec EIT team is committed to expand SenTec’s EIT product portfolio and to combine EIT with transcutaneous blood gas monitoring or other noninvasive monitoring modalities. Furthermore, SenTec EIT strives to be a leading manufacturer and OEM supplier of noninvasive EIT-based regional lung function monitoring solutions.

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Please contact SenTec EIT, your local LMS distributor or our OEM Partners for additional information on SenTec EIT or on SenTec EIT related products.

Management EIT Branch

Josef Hayoz, PhD
President SenTec EIT
Board Member SenTec Group

Guido Schelling
Branch Mananger

Peter Krammer
Product Development Manager