V-Spec™ Technology

Simultaneous measurement of tissue oxygenation, arterial blood oxygenation and pulse parameters

The V-Spec™ technology is the worldwide first method, which provides vital parameters by a pulsatile and full spectroscopically measurement. Due to the acquisition of the absorbance spectrum with many wavelengths and with algorithms of chemometrical analysis, the information of blood can be distinguished from disturbing signals of melanin or painted nails.

V-Spec™ technology is based on NIR (near-infrared) and VIS (visible) spectroscopy. This provides very accurate and extensive readings by non-invasive recording and evaluation of a full spectrum of tissue and arterial blood. It gives a comprehensive picture that reveals possible causes of a hypoxia with the parameters of

  • pulse oximetry: SPO2, PR, PI, PLI and plethysmogram and
  • tissue oximetry: StiO2 and the comparative measurement of tissue oxygen saturation at different measuring points.

The V-Spec™ Sensor is a miniaturized 2D spectrometer with integrated illumination unit, which is applied directly to the skin. This miniature spectrometer with its complex structure is a new and unique development.