Clinical Studies

Publications for SenTec Digital Monitoring System

The SenTec Digital Monitoring System (SDMS) with the V-Sign™ Sensor is a safe, accurate and reliable way to track and monitor changes in arterial carbon dioxide, arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Measuring tcPCO2 and SpO2 noninvasively, the V-Sign™ Sensor enables clinicians to better assess patient ventilation and oxygenation in virtually all clinical settings. There is a fast growing number of published clinical studies which were conducted to test and prove the usability, reliability and accuracy of the SDMS.

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Clinical Study Support

SenTec AG is interested to support clinical studies, which focus on or apply tcPCO2, tcpO2 and/or SpO2 monitoring in various application areas including but not limited to neonatology, sleep medicine, pneumology, home care, anesthesia, procedural sedation, or intensive care. Researchers planning to conduct clinical trials in one of our research focus areas are invited to send SenTec AG their study proposal. If SenTec decides to support the study SenTec typically offers to provide product training, to monitor the data quality during the study to avoid user errors, to provide data analysis support and to provide the necessary equipment to conduct the study.

Interested clinicians are invited to contact us for additional information. We’re looking forward to supporting your clinical study!