LuMon™ Data Management



Example Screenshot

During patient monitoring the measured EIT data and events marked by the operator are stored in the LuMon™ Monitor’s non-volatile, internal memory providing at least 4 hours of data. From there it is possible to export the stored EIT data and marked events to an USB memory stick. It is, alternatively, also possible to directly store measured EIT data, marked events as well as screenshots on an USB memory stick during patient monitoring.

Data and operator events stored on the USB memory stick can subsequently be imported into ibeX Software for display, analysis and reporting of EIT images. From ibeX Software results can be exported as PDF, XLS or video. Please note that ibeX Software is currently for research use only.


Please refer to the respective links on the right or contact SenTec EIT or your local LMS distributor for additional information on LuMon™ related data management or to get a license for ibeX Software.