LuMon™ Disposables

LuMon™ Disposables comprise

  • SenTec’s patented, textile EIT belts embodying 32 electrodes in a structured fabric
  • SenTec’s contact agents serving as a medium for impedance coupling between textile EIT belts and the patient’s skin.
  • Measuring tapes permitting to measure the patient’s underbust girth (chest circumference) and to select the size of the best fitting belt




SenTec’s textile EIT belts distinguish themselves with their outstanding next-to-skin comfort and are diligently designed i) to ensure a tight fit and good belt-to-skin contact quality without increasing work of breathing and ii) to minimize the risk of skin lesion and cross contamination. The adhesive-free belt/skin interface of the textile EIT belts is particularly important for patients with sensitive and fragile skin such as preterm neonates. Further, the textile EIT belts are designed to follow the ribs in order to avoid impairing the movement of the ribcage and increasing work of breathing. As the ribcage anatomy of neonates and adults are different, the belt goes around the chest following the ribs on an oblique plane in belts for Adults / Children or a transverse plane in belts for Neonates / Infants, which additionally feature an expandable closure band. Inadvertent belt displacement around the patient’s thorax is avoided in belts for Adults / Children by adding shoulder straps to the belt and in belts for Neonates / Infants easily can be measured and entered as input via the GUI by the operator and compensated by SenTec’s EIT algorithm. These design features, the materials used as well as the single-patient-use nature of the textile EIT belts also minimize the risk of skin lesions and cross-contamination. Finally yet importantly, the position sensor embedded in the LuMon™ Belts permits to monitor patient position (rotation and inclination) continuously. The textile EIT belts are non-sterile, have to be used on intact skin and can be used for up to 72 hours.





The NeoContactAgent is provided in (unpressurized) spray bottles and is therefore recommended for use with the LuMon™ Belts (i.e. the smaller-sized belts for Neonates / Infants). The ContactAgent is provided in spray cans (pressurized containers) that allow applying the ContactAgent fast and homogeneously on SensorBelts (i.e. large-sized belts for Adults / Children). In particular, the foam that develops upon application of the ContactAgent provides a visual feedback on where the ContactAgent has been applied. SenTec’s contact agents are non-sterile and have to be used on intact skin. 

The measuring tapes i) permit to measure the half-underbust girth in Adults / Children and the underbust girth in Neonates / Infants and ii) indicate for predefined (half-) underbust girth ranges the size of the best fitting belt. Predefined (half-) underbust girth ranges on the measuring tape and labels of correspondingly sized belts are color-coded. On measuring tapes for Neonates / Infants a scale permitting to measure inadvertent belt displacement around the thorax is additionally provided.

Please refer to the respective links on the right or contact SenTec EIT, your local LMS distributor, or our OEM Partners for additional information on LuMon™ Disposables being related to the LuMon™ System or LuMon™ OEM System.