OEM Partners

The following OEM partners implement SenTec EIT with the indicated devices:

Löwenstein Medical

elisa 800VIT is developed as an intensive care ventilator for ventilated patients from 300 grams to 400 kilograms and includes high flow O2 therapy as well as invasive and non-invasive ventilation with high leakage compensation. The agile system includes a variety of ventilation modes, manoeuvres, weaning tools and diagnostic capabilities. In addition to transpulmonary pressure monitoring, volumetric capnometry, PEEPfinder, the ventilator also features non-invasive radiation-free bedside imaging. This electrical impedance tomography is based on modern Sentec EIT technology. Based on the imaging monitoring, problem constellations can be detected at an early stage, ventilation settings can be adjusted and further diagnostic and measures can be initiated. Independently or in combination with the extended ventilation monitoring, lung and diaphragm protective ventilation strategies can be implemented transparently and comprehensibly and continuously adapted to the clinical therapy.


FluxMed is a respiratory monitor that allows comprehensive patient monitoring during all phases of ventilation. FluxMed can measure over 40 parameters, among other, Esophageal Pressure, real time PTP, WoB, Stress Index, Volumetric Capnography. FluxMed also features an optional EIT module that is implementing SenTec EIT. EIT complements FluxMed’s respiratory monitoring capabilities by adding continuous information on regional lung function.


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