Airon Corporation announces SenTec Inc as new distributor partner

Airon Corporation announced today that it has selected SenTec Inc., USA, as a distributor for its pNeuton line of pneumatic transport ventilators and its MACS CPAP in select regions of the United States, including Midwest, major portions of New England and Mid-Atlantic, as well as Georgia and Florida. The agreement includes distribution of four products: pNeuton Model A and pNeuton Mini in hospitals, and the pNeuton Model S and MACS CPAP for Emergency Management Systems (EMS).

“Distributing Airon products through SenTec, Inc. represents an important step in our core objective to provide quality customer support for our pneumatic transport ventilators and CPAP systems” said Eric Gjerde, President & CEO, Airon. “SenTec has knowledgeable sales associates who will provide clinicians with the training and support they need for safe and effective patient care using Airon products. The synergy of SenTec’s superior non-invasive blood gas technology with Airon’s life support products is a powerful combination that will improve patient care throughout SenTec’s sales territory.”

Airon's pNeuton transport ventilators are used in hospitals, air transport and EMS. These pneumatic ventilators and CPAP devices are ideal for disaster preparedness and patient transport of critically ill patients. These devices can care for patients from the smallest neonate to the largest adult.

Airon portable ventilators are MRI compatible with a conditional rating for 3T MRI scanners. There is no Gauss line restriction to how close Airon ventilators can be placed to the MRI.

SenTec, Inc will be distributing the following Airon pNeuton products:

  • pNeuton Model A adult pediatric ventilator, for patients 23 kilogram and larger for use in the hospital and acute care facilities
  • pNeuton Mini neonatal pediatric ventilator, for infants from 400 gram to 25 kilogram
  • pNeuton Model S pediatric / adult ventilator, for use in EMS and ambulances including air ambulance
  • MACS CPAP System provides critical care Mask CPAP for adult patients in ambulances and Emergency Departments (ER)  

“There are many synergies between our two companies, both in our sales channels, and also in the patient conditions our products are used” said Chris Estes, President of SenTec Inc. “SenTec transcutaneous tcCO2 monitoring is routinely used on patients during mechanical ventilation, and so this partnership is a very natural fit. Airon has an impeccable reputation for quality and service, and we are excited to join with them to bring these outstanding solutions to clinicians for the common goal of influencing positive patient care and outcomes.”

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