About us

Founded in 1999, SenTec AG is a medical device company which develops, manufactures and markets technologies and products for noninvasive patient monitoring. SenTec AG gained attention and worldwide appreciation due to its digital, combined transcutaneous sensors enabling noninvasive and continuous ventilation and oxygenation monitoring.

SenTec strives to be a leading manufacturer and OEM partner of noninvasive transcutaneous blood gas monitoring technologies.


We operate from three sites: In Therwil, Switzerland, we develop and manufacture our transcutaneous monitoring product line, manage our international sales and marketing activities and host most of our group services. In Rostock, Germany we focus on the development of new monitors and the manufacturing of sensor attachment disposables and sensor maintenance disposables. Our North American sales activities are managed by SenTec Inc. in Lincoln (RI) and St. Louis (MO), USA. In addition to the distribution of SenTec products, we also proudly represent third party product lines in the field of respiratory care at Sentec Inc.