LuMon™ OEM System (LMOS)

Add radiation-free, regional lung function monitoring to your medical device 

OEM EIT Module

LuMon™ Module

The LuMon™ OEM System (LMOS) is a compact & lightweight Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) system providing noninvasive and radiation-free monitoring of patient respiration as well as variations of regional air content within a cross-section of the patient’s lungs at the bedside. The LMOS is available in a configuration for Neonates / Infants and in a configuration for Adults / Children.


The OEM EIT Module (also referred to as Tomographic Image Creation (TIC) Module) is the core component of SenTec EIT. Thanks to its compact size and low power consumption, the OEM EIT Module can be integrated into a wide range of host configurations. The OEM EIT Module is also available as an external module called LuMon™ Module, making it easier than ever to implement SenTec EIT with existing medical devices such as patient ventilators.


Please refer to the respective links on the right or contact SenTec EIT or our OEM Partners for additional information on the LMOS.