The Safest Ventilator for the Most Fragile Lung

Unlike pressure ventilation, Flow Ventilation protects against ventilator induced lung injury because the lung is always open to the atmosphere. The Phasitron’s fluid dynamics automatically accomodate to changes in the lung’s compliance, adjusting the volume of entrained air introduced to the airway. In this way, lung resistance controls the amount of inspired oxygen so that injurious pressure and over-distention are avoided.

Airway Clearance

Flow Ventilation is the foremost remover of mucus and debris. Unlike external percussion that drives secretions deeper into the lung, Flow Ventilation’s pulsatile waves gently dislodge debris and secretions to be carried out by exiting airflow.

Lung Recruitment

Pulsatile airflow gently “persuades” distal airways and collapsed alveoli to open over time. Adjustable PEEP provided by the VDR-4® and Bronchotron® critical care ventilators hold the alveoli open between pulses. This keeps the recruited lung open and respiring while atelectasis, infection, inflammation and injury are healed.