Sentec in Australia

Sentec in Australia

Sentec in Australia

Providing clinicians with greater insight to quickly identify trends, rapidly and accurately assess patient respiratory status, and make well-informed, timely care decisions that can improve patient care.

We are pleased to be the exclusive team offering Sentec transcutaneous CO2 monitoring systems in Australia. We’re excited to work with you to address your facility’s needs and discuss how noninvasive monitoring could support the quality care you offer to your respiratory patients.

The Team at Sentec Australia

Gary Edwards

Managing Director

Throughout his 37 years’ experience with medical devices, Gary has been involved in the evolution of advanced medical technologies and its impact on improving patient care. With experience in both clinical and commercial roles, Gary has worked with colleagues and customers both locally and abroad to research, develop, manufacture, and commercialise some of the leading products across multiple clinical specialities

Kellie Lintott

Territory Sales Manager

Kellie is an experienced medical device territory manager. She is responsible for working with NSW, QLD and ACT customers for support, sales, and education. Kellie is passionate about the medical devices industry, having spent 30 years providing a high level of support and education to hospital teams in NSW. As Sentec Australia’s territory sales manager, she appreciates the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

Megan Thompson

Operations Manager

Megan has over 25 years of customer service experience, developed through roles within the freight-forwarding industry and the medical device industry. Through this experience, she has extensive knowledge of customer service, supply chains, and technical service, with a strong focus on maintaining quality standards across all departments.Megan is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience and operational excellence at Sentec. She is excited to build relationships and bring quality products and support to Sentec’s existing and new Australian customers.

Mickaela Glass

National Clinical Product Specialist

Mickaela has been working in the medical device industry for over 22 years, with experience across many speciality areas in both sales and marketing.
She is passionate about working with healthcare professionals to help improve outcomes in patient care by providing clinicians with innovative and market-leading technology. She is very excited to be part of the Sentec team.

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