This error can occur when the docking station is contaminated, when there is a problem with the gasket, or when the sensor is not properly positioned during calibration. This video tutorial will guide you through the steps to resolve the error message.

Possible Cause Recommended Action
Sensor not properly positioned in Docking Station during last calibration. Verify that sensor is clean and is properly placed into the holder at the inside of the Docking Station door and that the door properly closes.
Gasket of Docking Station contaminated. Clean the Docking Station gasket with a cotton swab with 70% isopropanol. Remove any residual threads and fibers and allow to dry.
Gasket of Docking Station defective or missing Carefully inspect the gasket and verify that it is present and well embedded in its notch. If damaged contact qualified service personnel.
Docking Station door and / or closing mechanism defective Carefully inspect the door and the closing mechanism for mechanical or functional damage. The closing mechanism must properly lock in place. If damaged contact qualified service personnel.
Incorrect orientation of gasket in docking station. Ensure correct orientation of gasket in docking station (beveled edge facing outward.) See image.

gas leak in docking station image

For more troubleshooting information, see our Service Manual.