V-CareNeT™ System


Remote monitoring and secondary alarm surveillance system as urged by APSF1

What is the V-CareNeT™ Package Registration Code (CPRC)?

  • Code needed to activate V-CareNeT™ Package for either 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 beds/patients

Main Features of V-CareNeT™:

  • Remote monitoring and secondary alarm surveillance for up to 40 SenTec Digital Monitors being connected to the same network as the PC with V-CareNeT™
  • Possibility to remotely set 'Operator Events' and 'PCO2/PO2/SpO2 Baselines' on the included SDMs during patient monitoring
  • Remote control of certain settings of the included SDMs (Alarm Limits, Display Brightness, Display in Sleep Mode, Delta Time,...)
  • Download of 'SDM Trend Data' stored in the internal memory of SenTec Digital Monitors for subsequent analysis, viewing and reporting. With V-CareNeT™ download of 'SDM Trend Data' is simultaneously possible for multiple SDMs

For a product demonstration, please contact your local SenTec Distributor.


1 Weinger MB, et al. APSF Newsletter. 2011;26(2):21-40.